My session with Sylvia was truly powerful! I have been suffering with Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease for 3 years until I had my session with Sylvia. I instantly could feel her working on me even though our session was a remote one. I have been off all my Lyme medications since our session in March which I truly find to be a miracle. Sylvia has the magic touch and was born to do this! Thank you Sylvia!

- Tara


I have been helped every time I have had a Reading with Sylvia and her Guides. I contact Sylvia for a Healing when I am feeling low physically or emotionally. I have known Sylvia for years and have benefited from every interaction and on every level – physical, emotional and spiritual.

- Charleen K.


I have received many powerful healings from Sylvia. Recently she did a healing that addressed grief that I was experiencing. During it, I felt my energy shifting and the sadness becoming softer and more fluid. Sylvia’s words led me to a new awareness and I could feel my spiritual energies transforming the grief, making it lighter. Her insights led me to a new understanding and and a deep sense of peace. Sylvia is a very gifted healer and I recommend her without exception.

- Lesley