Wing walking

Original posting May 2010

We all have wings! Have you played with yours yet? They love it when you take them walking or dancing, especially dancing. You do not need to physically walk or dance; just see it with your mind and the wings will rejoice.

Wings are fun. Mine can wrap around me like a blanket or extend to the ends of the Earth plane. When I give them a good flap, my spirit rises and I am happy. Wings can take you to elation in a flash.

My wings are made up of an infinite number of fine crystals. They reflect the colors of the universe and vibrate with the tones of the universe. They can be melodic, harmonic, flat-out noisy, or as silent as snow.

Just the process of looking for and finding your wings can be an interesting journey. But sometimes all you need to do is ask your wings to show themselves. What do your wings look like . . . crystals, feathers, leaves, or . . . ? What do they sound like, feel like? Have you been wing walking lately?

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