Energy Healings

Sylvia Diane’s healings restore the balance of your energy across twelve energetic levels. When your energy system is in balance, you feel better, and your life has more purpose and flow. Our energy systems are strong but sensitive to emotional, psychological, and physical trauma. These sensitivities create blocks that affect our personal and professional relationships, our health, and our perception of ourselves. When we’re out of sync in even just one level, we feel that lack of balance. It can manifest as an irritability, discomfort/illness, or a negative pattern that we repeat over and over. An energy healing can help release the block, letting the body move toward balance. The healings include spiritual counseling, grounding, and calling back energy stuck in old wounds.

Contact information: Energy healings can be done in-person or across any distance using phones or Skype. For more information on energy healings, contact me at We’re currently scheduling distance/remote healings, and in-person healings are available in Uxbridge and Holliston, MA.

Note: Energy healings contribute to your health and well-being, but are not a substitute for medical treatment. Healings do not diagnose medical conditions and do not prescribe treatment, medications, or supplements. For any illness, we recommend that you consult with your physician.